Survive in this Crazy April

Survive in this Crazy April

To StarCrazy fans and crazy survivors:

Well, we finally meet again as the team has been working crazily on the design of bosses you will face in StarSurvivor, which will be a Web2.5 game onboarding players from the Web2.0 world to the Web3 space. At the same time, a new PVE season will drop in April for you to switch your Starz lineup to the PVE mode.

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A New PVE Season

Around April 10th, a new round of PVE battles will come for you to fight with the Wizard Starz while being rewarded with magic essence and skill books.

Get your PVE lineup ready for the new SEASON


When you travel as a survivor in this crazy universe, it is not crazy to bump into a bunch of bizarre monsters, we guess......

Will you get CRAZIER if you have a face-to-face battle with them?


Unidentified Creature: SC-004

Label: crocodile

Description: It looks like it is something from the earth. No astronaut wants to be its food. “We think it is too big for a water tank!!! It feeds on humans probably. Is that a man’s leg hanging on its oversized teeth? RUN........”. Any attempts to approach SCP-004 directly must be authorized by ██████.

From a recovered voice recording about SC-004 left by [Traveler--594k]


Unidentified Creature: SC-005

Label: mushroom

Description: You touch it then you die. It can even survive at 0 degree. Anything that hits the purple dots on its body will decay and be liquified. To breed Mushr00m, a container should be maintained at a constant temperature between 0 to 10 degrees Celsius with reinforced materials resistant to corrosion and decay.

Based on the anatomy of an identified bone from [Traveler--009w]

A Glance at the Survivor Gear System

Hope you are not freaked out when you see those crazy creatures above. Nevertheless, when facing the unidentified beasts, you should gear up to SURVIVE. It is time to take a look at what we have to protect ourselves ; )

Things that you can put on:

Main weapon: equipped with a skill

Sidearm: possibly with a skill to give you a buff

Armor: offering you a buff such as resistance to debuffs

Belt: increasing your chance to get various game items

Shoes: allowing you to move faster in battles

This is the end of this blog. We hope you can still keep your mind when you lose yourself in PVE fights and the boss details that may drive you CRAZY.