The First Blog of the Year

The First Blog of the Year

Hello to everyone in StarCrazy in 2024:

Now, we are officially into 2024 when we will see numerous updates announcements, and new game launches connected to the StarCrazy universe. At the same time, we welcome any ideas and suggestions for us to bring the upcoming games to the next level.



Through the X post above, we received different insightful ideas and suggestions, including but not limited as follows:

β€’ Planet visualization, or adding a map for each planet

β€’ Turning StarCrazy into a 3D game

β€’ Clan feature for players to team with each other

Of course, we look forward to hearing more voices from our players. That is how StarCrazy can rise up AGAIN!!!


In this expanded StarCrazy universe, you, a mercenary traveling different spaces, are navigating in your spaceship to unknown territories for conquests and missions.

Unidentified Creature: SC-001

Label: Worm

Description: SC-001 is found to be the most regular creature on this exotic planet. Here is a recording β€œDamn, these worms keep coming everywhere. We need to find their queen worm to kill them once and for all.” [Traveler--294o-01a]

Unidentified Creature: SC-002

Label: Hornet

Description: It is something like an elite monster, which is stronger than SC-001, on this planet. β€œWe believe.....the beehive consensus....Roger that......Move Forward”. That comes from a video showing a group of SC-002 left by [Traveler--294w]

Unidentified Creature: SC-003

Label: Death Totem

Description: It cannot walk but bring death to the place with its appearance, which should be watch out for. β€œThis is a truly bone-chilling creature.” -- commented by [Traveler--294t-01].

More mysterious documents are on the way.....

Here is the end of this blog marking the beginning of 2024. In this new year, we are going to explore endless CRAZINESS and HAPPINESS together!