The Most Intricately Designed Feature ever

The Most Intricately Designed Feature ever

Dear Starz Owners:

We will soon be able to present you with the most intricately designed feature ever, or training grounds, as their development is in the final stage. Last Friday, we had a wonderful meeting with StarCrazy DAOers and also two special guests, CryptoFridge and Art Malkov, voicing out their constructive ideas. Why don’t we get into this newsletter to know about the latest updates of StarCrazy this week?

• What Happened in Our Second DAO Meeting

In our second DAO meeting, conversations were based on how to increase the income for active players since more tokens will be burned and spent with those players building new lineups by fusing Starz. Among the suggestions from the meeting speakers, two were regarded as very practical by the dev team:

  1. Shortening the PVE Season
  2. Uplifting the Ticket Fee Income for Planet Owners

Those two pieces of advice would be the next DAO proposals for you to vote on. Therefore, it is reasonable to hold a PVE-themed DAO meeting shortly.

• More Training Ground Q&As

Q1: Could I send my Starz to a training ground for higher efficiency?

A1: Yes, Your luck will be directly boosted if you have a training lead. Your luck value will be higher if it has a greater DigP.

Q2: What will happen if the element of my training lead doesn’t match that of a training ground?

A2: You can only enjoy 50% of the boost in your luck value calculation. (75% in a training ground of food element.)

Q3: How to calculate my actual luck value?


Your actual luck value = Luck(Identify) + Luck(Element) * boost ratio(skill) + Luck(Starz) * boost ratio(Starz)

Boost Ratio(Skill) :

100% (for an identified book, if the element of its skill matches that of a training ground);

75% (given a training ground of food element);

50% (neither of the two cases above.)

Boost Ratio(Starz) :

100% (if the element of a training lead matches that of a training ground.);

75% (given a training ground of food element);

50% (neither of the two cases above.)

Q4: Could you give an example for the calculation?


Case 1: in a training ground of fire element with Luck(Identify) and Luck(Element) being 300 and 500 respectively, you get a book with a skill of ice element through identification. Your training lead is of fire element with Luck(Starz) being 200.

In this case, your boost ratio(skill) and boost ratio(Starz) will be 50% and 100%.

Your actual luck value = 300+500*50%+200*100%=750

• A Video Tutorial for Identifying Skill Books

Are you ready for training grounds yet? More video tutorials are on the way! Please stay tuned to our Official Twitter @StarCrazyGame for more updates. Learn to be a StarCrazy Expert day by day!