Vote to Make Stellar Mines Better

Vote to Make Stellar Mines Better

To all StarCrazy ore collectors:

In May, we are going to change the way we get ores through STELLAR MINES in a GFS voting. At the same time, our PVP team should be ready for a new PVP SEASON coming in June. In this blog, you can also be updated about the latest news about the enemies and the item system of StarSurvivor.


Join the GFS Voting

GFS holders now have a chance to vote to fine-tune the production of stellar mines. You can decide whether there will be a significant increase, slight increase, or even zero increase in its production.

TIME: 12:00 AM UTC MAY 13TH TO 12:00 AM UTC May 20TH


Each of your GFS votes matters to StarCrazy and to us!!!

New PVP Season in June

Well, it is time for us to prepare for a new PVP season since right now we are in the middle part of May. In the next month, there will be PVP matches and SPECIAL BTC DROPS waiting for outstanding Starz teams. Fuse and Bid now to create your strongest PVP lineup!!!


A Leaked Boss Documentation


Unidentified Creature: SC-006

Label: frog

Description: It looks like it is something from the Earth, which is stronger than SC-001, on this planet. “We believe.....the beehive consensus....Roger that......Move Forward”.

That comes from a video showing a group of SC-002 left by [Traveler--294w]

Interesting Facts about the Item System

We've been constantly pursuing more creative game designs. Given that, in StarSurvivor, game items, such as accessories, are originally from the body parts of a boss. Moreover, they can carry some features of that boss.

The recycled toxic pouch from ██ (A boss that will be covered in the next blog)

An experiment log for the item:

Place it in a pendant-sized container for a test subject to wear it. With that item, all creatures in a range will suffer from ██ damage. Of course, the WEARER is not EXCLUDED. But in some cases, that might not necessarily be a bad thing, right...??

Wow, do you get excited already for StarSurvivor after checking the item description? ! It feels like there is a brand new world in that game for you to explore!! Just hold on to your seat for more CRAZY news in the next blog. SEE YA!!