What Makes StarCrazy Crazier in 2024

What Makes StarCrazy Crazier in 2024

To StarCraziers in 2024:

THE LUNAR NEW YEAR is just around the corner. To celebrate the festival, a list of CAMPAIGNS will be introduced with a surprising amount of REWARD for you to recover from the HIGH GAS FEE ;) The gas fee issue has been a topic in team meeting discussions with it being mentioned frequently in the main group.

SWIPE DOWN TO GET SURPRISED if you are also haunted by the fee issue.


Bringing the Invitation System Back with Jaw-dropping Rewards

This event is to get you crazy again given the high gas fee. Now it is time for you to win MORE and play MORE. The invitation system will reopen again for you to complete tasks to share 36000 IOTX and GFT rewards altogether.


UTC 16:00 Feb 8th to UTC 16:00 March 9th


Win up to 50 GFT by finishing all the tasks

36,000 IOTX shared by ALL who complete the tasks

Things to do:

1. Complete tasks in the invitation system

Token-Collecting Event for the Year of the Dragon

Here is another surprise for those who have missed several rounds of token-collecting campaigns. During the Chinese lunar new year, dragon tokens will drop in PVP battles.

Take a look and remember what the DRAGON TOKEN looks like

Get it during: UTC 16:00 Feb 8th to UTC 16:00 March 9th


About the Game Items

Well, now it is confirmed that you can get various game items in StarSurvivor to arm yourself up. Those game items can be divided into 4 levels for you to protect yourself when fighting monsters and bosses.

Game item pics will come soon!!

About the Skill Upgrade System

The internal testers have known that there are skill schools in the game. But what they don’t know is that actually the skills can be upgraded from LV1 all the way to LV5. That will make the game more immersive and engaging.

Here is the end of the blog. Happy Chinese lunar new year :)