A Crazy Beginning with a New Roadmap

A Crazy Beginning with a New Roadmap

Dear StarCrazy PVE warriors:

This April, we meet with a new round of PVE matches on the 10th, meaning that now you are pretty busy with climbing up the seasonal and single-round rankings :)

But in this blog, you will learn more about WHAT IS COMING IN MAY and details for the NEW ROADMAP for you to stay CRAZY throughout the year.

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Details About the New Roadmap

As mentioned earlier, the roadmap has been updated to give you a clear idea of what we are going to do in 2024. First, this year, we have already turned StarSurvivor into a unity-powered game. (This may also happen to StarCrazy in the future) Then, that rogue-like game will drop in the second quarter, creating a crazy summer for you. During the third quarter, a plan will be implemented to bridge our games together, such as applying GFT and GFS in both of them. At the end of 2024, another game built by us will get you excited again since AI will be applied to offer you a more interactive gaming experience.

Special BTC Drops in the Next PVP Season

In April, there is also a big thing happening, which is the BTC halving on around the 20th. To celebrate that exciting moment, special BTC will fall in PVP battles. So, please pay special attention to GET THEM in the next PVP season in May.


More Interesting Facts about Its Gear System

According to the last blog, you can gear up yourself with a wide range of weapons and protections. Actually, you can have different identities based on the weapons that you put on your hands.

Here is a simple example: you can put a gun on your left hand, making you a gunner, and a sword on your right hand, as a swordsman also. Now, you have two identities.

Also, only special weapons and gears are featured with skills. The skills can be more powerful if you upgrade your armor and guns.

Still want more CRAZY things?? Sorry, you now have reached the end of this blog.

But get ready for a CRAZIER blog next time!! See you ~~