Our First DAO Meeting Was Successful and Interactive

Our First DAO Meeting Was Successful and Interactive

Welcome to this week’s fresh newsletter! Last Friday saw our first DAO meeting held successfully in an interactive manner for StarCrazy fans and lovers to exchange their ideas about the adjustment of the PVP season and its rewards. Let’s dive into the newsletter now to get updated about StarCrazy.

DAO Meeting Review

The link for the meeting playback:


Last Friday, we got inDa!, Ninja, Tuan, StarZee, Godwin Mouton, and even John in the house. Of course, discussions were mainly based on how we should adjust the PVP season. We heard creative and inspiring ideas from PVP veterans such as StarZee. The DAO meeting could not be so meaningful without your participation. In the future, more Space meetings will be held as a channel for players all around the world to chat with each other! Together, we can build a global StarCrazy family.

Other heated topics of the meeting:

Whether memorial NFT rewards should return?

Should the distribution of PVP rewards be adjusted too?

Should the invitation system open again?

The theme of the next DAO Space meeting may be selected from discussions in our main Telegram group. So try your best to make us hear you!

The Second DAO Voting

Based on the discussions in the Space meeting, the dev team came up with three schemes to make PVP seasons more enjoyable.

Please take a look at these schemes for you to better vote:

Details of the second DAO voting:

The link to vote: https://snapshot.org/#/linkstar.eth

How to vote: vote with your GFS (1 GFS equals 1 vote).

How we calculate your vote: your vote equals the amount of GFS you hold and stake in the syrup pool when a voting starts.

Time: from 2 AM UTC February 24th to 2 AM UTC February 27th

That is all for this week’s newsletter. For the speakers in the meeting, remember to submit your IoPay address through Twitter! See you next week :) BYE