Stellar Mines Launch Countdown

Stellar Mines Launch Countdown

For those who are eagerly waiting for a new PVP mode:

This newsletter is exclusively for players and gamers waiting excitingly for the feature that we will drop in quarter 2. That is right! You will see Q&As and in-game screenshots of Stellar Mines here. Also, there is a piece of good news that our Starz NFT can be traded on an external NFT marketplace. So why don’t you find out yourself ; )

Eye-Opening Images of Stellar Mines

Click “Universe” - “Stellar Mines”

“Search For Mines” allows you to find a new stellar mine. You can click “Mine Looting” if you want to loot others.

Click “History” to view all the things you have done and their results
That is how the page will look like if you take down a new mine.
There is a limit for the number of Starz you can send.
Remember, you can get your rewards after 24 hours.

Basic Q&As for Stellar Mines

Q: What are stellar mines exactly?

A: They are a new form of PVP. In this feature, you can beat players or NPC (non-player characters) to win rewards.

Q: How to earn in stellar mines?

A: There are two ways to earn. First, you need to search for new mines guarded by NPC (non-player characters). Then you can be rewarded by defeating them to take the mine. Alternatively, you can loot the mines taken by others. In this way, you can take a part of the mined rewards from others.

Q: What will happen if I fail to loot others?

A: You will not be rewarded.

Q: Can I take away the mines from others by looting?

A: To loot others, you need to send Starz for defeating those guarding the mine. Nevertheless, its ownership will not be transferred to you even if you are the winner.

Q: How can I know whether there is a new mine?

A: You can click the “Search for New Mine” button. A certain number of new mines will be produced in the universe every hour from UTC 00:00 every day.

Q: How many Starz can I send to take down new mines or to loot?

A: You can send out 3 Starz to battle with others. Also, 1 energy point will be deducted.

Q: Can I send all UR Starz to battle with others?

A: The answer is no. It has a Starz limit, like the one in the PVP mode.

Q: How can I know if I win or lose in a battle in this mode?

A: On the main page, there is a tab called “History”. Click it and you can find out your battle records, the quality of a mine, the duration of occupation, rewards, and the defenders.

Q: How can I know how many mines I have taken?

A: On the main page, click the “My Mine” tab to see all the mines that belong to you with all their details.

Q: How to check my rewards in Stellar Mines?

A: There are buttons called “Get the mined rewards” and “Get the looted rewards” on the main page. Click them and you can check out all your rewards. Remember the rewards can be claimed after 24 hours.

A New NFT Marketplace for StarCrazy NFT traders

Come and check this link out!

Now you can trade planets and Starz on the mimo NFT marketplace.

Here is the end of the newsletter. Still can’t get enough for Stellar Mines? More videos and graphics are on the way!!!